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These 17 Reveals Deserved Higher Endings Than What They Obtained

I miss the unique Teen Titans on a regular basis.

So many exhibits had been ended earlier than their time, so let’s get into a few of these:


Marco Polo

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“That show was phenomenal and I still don’t understand why it didn’t get more of a following or another season.” 

— u/bluelikewords

“The critics and phoney critics all shat on it for some reason. I thought it was really good and it was absolutely beautifully filmed must’ve cost a fortune to make though!”




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twentieth Century Fox

“I’d prefer it to have never ended and still be going 20 years later while we all spend our time arguing about if the quality has gone downhill and which season was really the peak.”

— u/soldforaspaceship


My Identify Is Earl

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“Canceled on a cliffhanger, plus I just want more. I watch the series once a year since it got cancelled. Still amazing.” 

— u/urnialbologna

“So much agreeing with this. The last series will need to be about 150 odd episodes long though, Earl needs to finish that list!

— u/OriWanKenobi


Pushing Daisies

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“This show was amazing. They messed up by cramping an entire story into one last episode.”


“Such a perfect show that can be appreciated at any age. I fell in love with it in 5th Grade when it originally aired and rewatched it recently and love it just as much.”



DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

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The CW

“I fell off the other Arrowverse shows, but I think this one deserves a good ending!” 


“All it needs is just one more season to wrap up everything. Just one more. That’s what the fans want. That’s what the cast and showrunners want. To tell their story and bow out.”

— u/inksmudgedhands


Gravity Falls

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“While I think the ending is perfect as it was, I wouldn’t mind a mockumentary style ‘Where Are They Now?’ special. Like just checking in with what everyone’s doing 10+ years after the events of the finale.”

— u/LarkspurSong


Sport of Thrones

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“They need more than a final season.”

— u/Lesmate101

“Shame they stopped at season seven. There was just a lot that was unanswered.”

— u/TheSexyMicrowave

“Let’s just have one more try to get it right this time and let George R.R. Martin pick and choose what he wants in the final season, please and thank you.”


What exhibits would you give a second shot at life to? Tell us within the feedback!

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