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Sony Footage Worldwide Productions Snags Turkish And Korean Remake Rights To Ariel Winograd’s Argentinian Comedy ‘Mama Se Fue De Viaje’

Sony Pictures International Productions (SPIP) is about to remake Ariel Winograd’s Argentinian comedy Mama Se Fue De Viaje (Ten Days With out Mother) in Turkey and South Korea.

Sony Footage Leisure Movement Image Group’s local-language manufacturing arm has tapped FilmSharks’ subsidiary The Remake Co. for the rights, having earlier remade the 2017 title in Spain.

The comedy follows Víctor and Vera Garbor, who’ve been married for 20 years with 4 kids. Absorbed by his work Víctor largely ignores spouse and children till Vera, overwhelmed by home life, decides to take a trip from her household. There the issues start.

In Spain, the movie was remade was Padre No Hay Más Que Uno (Father There’s Solely One) with Santiago Segura directing and has spawned two sequels. The unique movie took $15.8M, whereas the second grossed $15.3M and the third is about to launch in theaters on July 15. SPIP additionally holds German remake rights to the movie.

“This property has universal appeal, as already evidenced by our great success with the Padre No Hay Más Que Uno franchise in Spain. Localizing this story for Turkey and Korea has the potential to become a beloved franchise in both countries,” mentioned Michael Rifkin, Co-Head of Sony Footage Worldwide Productions.

In Argentina, the comedy from Winograd (That’s Not DishonestNo KIds) and starring Diego Peretti (No Youngsters) and Carla Peterson (2 + 2), debuted in 2017 by means of Buena Vista Worldwide and have become the nation’s high film of the 12 months with 1.7M ticket gross sales.

“We are happy to continue working with our friends at Sony Pictures International Productions, a team that has made us feel right at home as we’ve collaborated on several deals and productions over the years,” mentioned Guido Rud, CEO and founder, FilmSharks.

SPIP, co-headed by Rifkin and Shebnem Askin, releases round 30 movies yearly throughout 12 territories.

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