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Couple in shock as they realise they’ve spent £2,000 on one journey to museum

The Secret Spenders staff visited the Fitzgibbon household in Kent, the place the spending habits had not modified regardless of being one wage decrease than traditional. The household of 4 had been hoping to save lots of money for a loft extension, which might give their youngest daughter a bit more room, however at a price ticket of roughly £35,000 it was not going to be straightforward.

TV presenter Anita Rani, finance knowledgeable Peter Komolafe and residential finance knowledgeable Anna Whitehouse approached the household to see the place they may save money and maybe make a bit of additional.

The household has a yearly revenue of roughly £39,000 because of dad Ian Fitzgibbons’ job as an IT engineer. 

Nonetheless, their family revenue was practically double this quantity and the household had not but modified their spending habits. 

Mum Kerrie Fitzgibbon had misplaced her job throughout the pandemic and was involved about her husband’s spending particularly, sharing their story on tonight’s episode of Secret Spenders on Channel 4. 


She mentioned: “He’s a bit of a shopaholic. He’s got his interests but their expensive interests. He still wants to get nice things as if we’re both earning but we’re not. I want to be able to save money.”

Amongst these pursuits are vinyl document amassing, prepare memorabilia, spoiling his daughters and public sale websites. 

One stunning revelation was the household’s transport museum expenditure. 

Mrs Fitzgibbon mentioned: “We went as a family once and it’s not really my thing so I was like ‘Get me out of here’.”


Regardless of having solely been to the museum as soon as, the household had VIP ticket membership costing them £2,000 a yr. 

Neither of the pair knew that the tickets had been consuming a lot of their funds, with Mrs Fitzgibbon saying: “If I had known that would’ve been cancelled a long time ago!”

Nonetheless, it was his public sale web site obsession that Mr Komolafe was most frightened about, the place Mr Fitzgibbon was spending roughly £100 per 30 days.

He mentioned: “You know what it’s like, logic goes out the window when you bid and you end up spending more than you actually intended.”

When requested about what number of vinyls he has, Mr Fitzgibbon replied: “I shudder to think, probably, 200, 300 plus” as he spends between £50 and £100 each month on this assortment alone. 

He shared that his amassing habits had been first loved in his childhood along with his mother and father, and he hoped he was passing on related pleased reminiscences to his circle of relatives. 

One other delicate spot for spending within the household revolved round their two daughters, as Mrs Fitzgibbon had some medical problems along with her daughter Molly, haemorrhaging throughout her supply. 

Mrs Fitzgibbon defined: “I was holding Molly, she was literally a couple of hours old and all of a sudden I was like ‘You need to take Molly quick’. My world revolves around them. From the first day holding her it was very much ‘Whatever I can give you, you’re having’ but I just want to give them everything.” 

Each mother and father consequently struggled to say no to their daughters, certainly one of which has a fairly costly West Finish obsession. 

Collectively, with out of faculty actions included, the pair had been spending £420 a month on their daughters. 

By reigning within the pastime and impulse spending for all family members, and placing funds thresholds in place for the likes of Mr Fitzgibbons’ eBay behavior, the finance consultants shared what they may very well be saving. 

The pair had been hoping for a determine between £5,000 and £10,000 by the top of the yr. 

Nonetheless, in the event that they took on all the recommendation the consultants offered, they may really be saving a outstanding £17,260. 

Mr Fitzgibbon concluded: “The amount of money we could potentially save and make out of this is phenomenal!”

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