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After string of adventures, historic gold ring again in Greece

A greater than 3,000-year-old gold signet ring is again in Greece after a string of adventures

ATHENS, Greece — A greater than 3,000-year-old gold signet ring that was stolen from an Aegean island in World Conflict II, crossed the Atlantic, was purchased by a Nobel Prize-winning Hungarian scientist and ended up in a Swedish museum has discovered its means again to Greece.

It was the most recent in a collection of coups by Greek authorities searching for the return of works plundered from the antiquities-rich nation — though an preliminary effort by the Swedish museum to return the ring apparently fell between the cracks of Seventies paperwork.

The Greek tradition ministry mentioned Friday that the gold Mycenaean-era work from Rhodes, adorned with two dealing with sphinxes, was willingly returned by Swedish officers who offered full help with documenting the artifact and its provenance.

Greek consultants confirmed the identification, and the piece was handed over in Stockholm by Vidar Helgesen, govt director of the Nobel Basis, to which the ring had been bequeathed by the Hungarian biophysicist. The muse, which presents annual awards for excellent achievement in a number of fields, had given it to the Museum of Mediterranean and Close to Japanese Antiquities in Stockholm.

Greek Tradition Minister Lina Mendoni thanked the Nobel Basis and Swedish authorities for the repatriation, saying it “shows their respect for modern Greece and our constant efforts to fight the illegal trafficking of cultural goods.”

The ring, which might have been a standing image for a neighborhood nobleman within the third millennium B.C., was found in 1927 by Italian archaeologists in a Mycenaean grave close to the traditional metropolis of Ialysos on Rhodes. The southeastern Aegean island belonged to Italy till it was included in Greece after WWII.

The tradition ministry mentioned the ring was stolen from a museum on Rhodes in the course of the conflict — with a whole lot of different items of bijou and cash that stay lacking — and surfaced in the USA. It was purchased there in the course of the Nineteen Fifties or Nineteen Sixties by Georg von Békésy, a biophysicist and artwork collector whose assortment was donated to the Nobel Basis after his dying in 1972, and from there, distributed to a number of museums.

The Nobel Basis’s Helgesen mentioned there was little question as to the place the art work ought to be.

“To us, it was obvious that the ring should be returned,” he said. “This artifact is of very great cultural-historical value for Greece.”

The Stockholm museum had initially recognized the ring from Ialysos in 1975 and contacted Greek authorities, the ministry mentioned.

“But it remained in Stockholm for reasons that are not clear from existing archives,” Friday’s assertion mentioned. The art work will now be displayed in a museum on Rhodes.

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